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Club membership drive continues!
Contact Shirley McElroy
(850) 729-1737
for more info. or go to our Membership page.

Souvenirs sales continue! Contact Jim Evans
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Taylor Haugen Foundation


Officers and Lead Persons

President: Jim Evans 897-4678

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Jill Warren 897-6603

-Ellen Robison 830-3421
-Robby Robison

Computer Support:
-Missy Padgett-Set Program
-Sharlot Parker-Program Insert 729-3876
-Dave Davis-Membership Lists 710-5322

Project Graduation: Mary Brinkley 678-4855

Membership: Shirley McElroy 729-1737

Volunteer Coordinator: Jana Ward 279-6518

-Donna Haugh 678-6483
-Jim Evans 897-4678

Football Program:
-Publication: Jim Evans 897-4678
-Game Sales: Mary Brinkley 678-4855
-Prizes: Dave Davis 710-5322
-Ad Sales: Cathy Evans 897-4678

Publicity: Mary Brinkley 678-4855

-June Garvin options330@gmail,com 360-910-7153
-Jill Warren 897-6603

E-mail Notifications: Dave Davis 710-5322

Target: Vacant

Credit Card: Vacant

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